Replay Series

We recently started a new Fortnite series where we record the clips ourselves in Fortnite Replay mode. The idea was to create a sort of music video so we teamed up with a record label who let us use their music for this series. Normally we use around 2-3 songs […]

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How Red Arcade Videos Are Made

In this video I go over our 15+ hour editing process and how we add value to the content. This is more of a general explanation and since our process varies from video to video I recommend you check out some of our “Behind the Scenes” videos as well.

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Epic Moments

There is a huge difference between how we edit the epic moments and funny moments. When editing the funny moments we need to spend more time figuring out creative ways to edit the clips, while with the epic moments we need to spend more time on advanced visual effects and […]

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Funny Moments

When editing “Funny Moments” we need to be on top of our game. This is creative work and requires a lot of inspiration to get right. We spend a lot of time brainstorming how best to present certain clips. We only want to use clips that we can add creative […]

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