May 19, 2019

Replay Series

We recently started a new Fortnite series where we record the clips ourselves in Fortnite Replay mode. The idea was to create a sort of music video so we teamed up with a record label who let us use their music for this series. Normally we use around 2-3 songs for our epic moments segment, however, in this series we only use 1 song.

Almost all the footage is recorded by us in the Fortnite Replay system and can’t be found anywhere else. The Fortnite Replay system lets us control the camera and place it where ever we want to get the perfect shot. This takes many hours to get right. For example, the shot below took 2 hours to get because it’s incredibly difficult to move the camera at the same speed as the bullet.

The Fortnite Replay system lacks features you normally have in other games like GTA 5. In GTA 5 you can set keyframes and save camera angles while Fortnite you can not. This means that to get the shot below, where the camera follows the grenade, we had to move the joystick on the controller at the perfect speed to follow the grenade.

We’re also restricted to a single camera so we can’t shoot multiple angles simultaneously. To shoot a different angle we need to pause, rewind, and move the camera to the new spot.

There is a lot of creative thinking behind every shot. It’s not just about getting a cool angle, we need to make sure the viewer understand what’s going on and that we don’t leave out any information. If we, for example, just show the player shooting their gun and then cut to the enemy being shot, the viewer will have no idea where the enemy was or how far away they were. We will often include a bird’s-eye view to give the viewer some perspective of where everything is.

Once we’ve recorded everything we start editing. This process is very similar to how to we edit our Epic Moments series so I’ll just link to that instead of repeating myself.

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