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Behind The Scenes

Red Arcade is home of the highest-quality, edited community gaming montages on YouTube!
On this site we will be giving an in depth look at how our videos are made. If you’re short on time we made a brief video explanation linked to the right, however, it does not fully cover all the work we do to transform the material.
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Hours of work per video

Editing Breakdown

Red Arcade is not a content aggregator. We have a strict policy to always transform the material into something original with added creative value. We spend 20+ hours creating each video with 15+ hours spent on editing alone.

Our goal is not only to create the most entertaining videos we can, but also to give gamers somewhere to share their highlights and see them transformed into something new. This is done through our extensive, 15+ hour editing process which includes things like: 3D tracking, Motion tracking, rotoscoping, text/subtitles, sound effects, adding music, syncing visuals to the music, and a lot of other stuff.

On the right you can see a breakdown of how we edit our 3 different styles of videos.

Epic Moments

There is a huge difference between how we edit the epic moments and funny moments. When editing the funny moments

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Behind The Scenes